Vince Blaize


Vince Blaize—Helping You Lead a Better Life

Throughout my counseling experience, I discovered that several golden nuggets that I raised and explained made a huge difference in the lives of my counselees and their loved ones. I realized that if this information was made available to the public, more families could have the opportunity to learn and embrace its life-changing benefits.

In 2012, I decided to start writing my first book, “Seasons of Transition: The Plan, the Plot, and the Promise." My second book, "Steps to the Father," is the second edition of my first book. I trust by reading this book, you will find your deeper purpose and be guided toward a stronger relationship with God.

My Mission

I believe that attitude or behavior is a response to a conditioned way of thinking or programing. Any preconditioned way of thinking or form of programming can be changed. People have lived the entire lives behaving a certain way because of the way they think. If they see the need to change their behavior, there is a need to change their mindset. My mission is to provide the tools necessary to enable them on a step-by-step process to be successful in their attempt.