Vince Blaize

Steps to the Father



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This Christian nonfiction book will help readers strengthen their relationships with God and focus on seeing their greater purpose in life. Readers will learn how to embrace opportunities, accept change, recognize their season of life, and appreciate God’s work on their hearts. Each chapter focuses on an important realization, such as the power of words, the strength of family, making a vessel of honor, and recognizing the work of the Spirit. Readers will leave their troubles behind and appreciate the hidden meanings for why they are significant in God’s plan. It will inspire, encourage, and challenge readers to walk closer to Jesus. With discussion questions at the end of each chapter, readers will reflect on their own experiences and be able to apply the book’s teachings to their lives. This interactive element makes it perfect for group study or personal study. Reversing limitations, God’s love, life’s purpose, motivational reading, Christian self-help, Christian life, spiritual growth, personal growth, prayer life, Christian Bible study.